Christchurch Team Building Games With An Escape Room Challenge!

Make team building fun with an off-the- wall, out of the box, completely new challenge that has become one of the most fun things to do in Christchurch.

New themed rooms and puzzles, clues and riddles are being constantly developed to provide an environment to bring out the best in your team players, including colleagues and management staff. Use a puzzle room experience to develop and highlight individual strengths and skills for the benefit of your business team.

As players and puzzle-lovers ourselves, we can’t emphasise enough the amazing rush of a puzzle room challenge solved. We have had feedback from many well-known New Zealand companies who have accepted our escape room challenges, to tell us that it’s a powerful feeling and a long-lasting success when the goal is reached together, as a team.

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Entertainment To Complement Christchurch Team Building. Great for an additional activity.

We will host your next team building event at Escape Artists, and we welcome group sizes from 2-24 per session. If your workplace is larger than this, we recommend having some of your team grab some lunch or a drink while the others escape the rooms. You can then swap over and we can assist in communicating to the other parties when you’re nearly finished.

Encourage individual skills and self confidence

Practice goal setting, time management and working under pressure

Build team relationships and mutual understanding between individuals

Analyse strengths and note areas of development potential

Encourage productive team unity and respect for others

Create shared memories for team bonding by utilising a fun learning environment that will be a challenge for all!