Escape Rooms


Our Escape Rooms

Each room has it’s own carefully constructed ambience, with real props gathered “from the far corners of Canterbury” … to ensure a realistic, immersive team building experience. And the clock is ticking! Need help deciding which room you want to book? Get in contact with us and we can help.

Memories of Nikola

Seeking advice from his Doctor, Nikola schedules an appointment to discuss his ongoing symptoms. With only 60 minutes before the next patient arrives he would like to perform a few tests to see what is going on..


Dark Wizard

For so long you have wondered why your professor is so awful. He is constantly in a bad mood, and is mean to all his students. To get to the bottom of it – You break into his personal chambers. Will you solve the mystery in 60 minutes?


Room 238

Your favourite band is playing, you have your tickets and you’re booked in to the Eastward Stone Motel. The motel seems to be very busy but no one ever leaves.. reviews. It’s time for you to check in, what could possibly be going on?


Riddle Ridge School

You belong to a group of students enrolled at Riddle Ridge School. One of the biggest exams of the school year is coming up but unfortunately for you, you haven’t been paying much attention in class.


Pirates Bounty

With bounty on your heads, you’ve been captured by a crew of deranged pirates. On their journey to turn you in supplies have gotten low so the crew have docked and are off plundering the town’s rum supply. Sunrise is only an hour away, Will you survive?


Lost Without Hue

You have found yourself in the studio of aspiring young artist Vincent. But something doesn’t seem quite right where there should be colour and creativity there is nothing but grey… Can you help him get his creative flair back for everyone to enjoy?


Hi My Name Is NOVA

You are a team of volunteers that have been recruited by a company called AI Solutions to help them test their latest invention, a highly intelligent AI system called NOVA (Neural Operated Virtual Assistant).