Riddle Ridge School

Experience our new immersive adventure

Our Newest 2nd Generation Escape Room

You belong to a group of students enrolled at Riddle Ridge School. One of the biggest exams of the school year is coming up but unfortunately for you, you haven’t been paying much attention in class. It appears that your best shot at passing this exam is to obtain a copy of the answers, and you've learned that Mrs. Wilson, your teacher, keeps a set locked away securely in her desk safe. With only 60 minutes at your disposal, you must sneak into the classroom and make a copy of the answers and escape without getting caught.

Note: This room contains non-linear elements.


Room Infomation

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  60 Minutes

  Maximum 6 Players

  Difficulty 5 out of 5

  Christchurch Only

  Opened 29th September 2023

  Wheel Chair Accessible