7 Great escape rooms, central christchurch location

We welcome you to try our Christchurch escape rooms in our new five lanes location!

Our escape rooms are a unique attraction for the city of Christchurch since 2015. We are locally owned and operated and we can't wait to see you, where fun, thrills and intrigue await!

Come and experience the first escape rooms in Christchurch. We are located 1 minute walk from the terrace which makes us a perfect venue for your next get together to team building event or when you are next out with your friends and family exploring the city.

this sounds fun! what are they?

What is an escape room?

Our Christchurch escape rooms are designed so that players must find and complete puzzles, crack codes and solve riddles throughout the room in order to escape. Some of these puzzles require logic, but others require teamwork, so players are encouraged to cooperate by sharing ideas or information about the puzzles.

Who are escape rooms designed for?

We are great fun for everyone!

We are family friendly, great fun for a group of friends, work colleagues, social function or even a birthday party, there is a game for everybody. We recommend family groups have an adult present to help solve the trickier puzzles. Escape rooms are excellent for team building and work functions, Escape Artists encourage teamwork, sharing ideas and having fun, with the whole group working towards the same common goal: escape the room in 60 minutes or less!

We came here for a work function and loved it! The staff are incredibly friendly, helpful and patient when it came to waiting for stragglers 😅. The rooms were challenging for us all and provided an excellent team-building experience. The new location in the BNZ Centre is excellent, with handy car-parking and plenty of options for food nearby. Whether it be for a work function, a family outing or even a date, I would highly recommend Escape Artists. Thanks again!
Josh Ryan
Burger Fuel Spitfire Square

we're ready, are you?

Our Escape Rooms

We currently have 7 rooms to choose from. Each room is suitable for groups of 2 - 6 people. If you would like to book multiple rooms please Contact Us so we can help !
Which challenge will you take on next?

Hi My Name Is NOVA

You are a team of volunteers that have been recruited by a company called AI Solutions to help them test their latest invention, a highly intelligent AI system called NOVA (Neural Operated Virtual Assistant).


Pirates Bounty

With bounty on your heads, you’ve been captured by a crew of deranged pirates. On their journey to turn you in supplies have gotten low so the crew have docked and are off plundering the town’s rum supply. Sunrise is only an hour away, Will you survive?


Lost Without Hue

You have found yourself in the studio of aspiring young artist Vincent. But something doesn’t seem quite right where there should be colour and creativity there is nothing but grey… Can you help him get his creative flair back for everyone to enjoy?


Our Process

We're here to make things as easy and smooth as possible. If you have any questions you can contact us to help plan your escape room for your friends or workplace.

Choose your team

All of our rooms allow between 2 and 6 players. Combining multiple rooms allows you to increase your team size.

Book Online

You can view available times and rooms online via our booking system. If you have any questions or want to book for larger groups, we can help!

Enjoy your escape

From the moment we close the door behind you, you have 60 minutes to escape! Good Luck!