Room 238

A slightly scary, sinister themed room for people who enjoy addded excitement

An exciting generation 2 room. R12+ Over

Your favourite band is playing, you have your tickets and you’re booked in to the Eastward Stone Motel. The motel seems to be very busy but no one ever leaves.. reviews. It’s time for you to check in, the lady at reception seems overly cheerful that you’re here – she’s probably just glad to see someone. You unlock the door to your room and wander in; it appears dimly lit with a strange liquid seeping out from the bathroom.. what could possibly be going on?

This room contains blood and sinister theming and is restricted to ages 12 and up.
This room is also in Dunedin. Some puzzles will be the same however the majority has changed.

Room 238

Room Infomation

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  60 Minutes

  Maximum 6 Players

  Difficulty Level 4 / 5

  Christchurch & Dunedin

  Opened 26th November 2021

  Wheel Chair Accessible