We welcome you to meet the challenge of escape room games in Christchurch!

The talented team at Escape Artists welcome you to come and experience the first escape room games in Christchurch.

At Escape Artists we are lovers of puzzles and team challenges. Our centrally located escape rooms have been carefully puzzled out and created as a uniquely interactive hands-on problem solving experience. Our Escape Rooms are designed especially for company team building challenges, date nights, and as a fun outing for friends & family. We welcome teams of 2 to 6 per room or groups up to 18 spread over our three rooms, for one of the most fun things to do in Christchurch. Our escape rooms have been enjoyed by a mixture of business teams, local groups, couples, and tourists & visitors to the area.

Our individually themed escape rooms are based upon a variety of puzzles designed to challenge all ages. Each room is uniquely themed and once inside, each escape room reveals a story and explains a scenario. As a team, you need to work together, communicate well, problem solve and make connections with different items around the room to ‘escape’ within the time allowed.

Come experience one of the biggest worldwide trends

Bring your family and friends of all ages and abilities, organise your corporate team and management staff, or just bring your sweetheart on an exciting new date experience, and try it for yourself.

Escape rooms ranks number one in fun things to do in Christchurch and Escape Artists are the team bringing you this newest entertainment destination in Christchurch! Check out our TripAdvisor and Facebook pages and visit our Booking Page to plan your escape room experience today!

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