Team Building

Ready to Elevate Your Team Dynamics with an Unforgettable Escape Challenge?

For one of the most fun team building experiences that you can have, book an escape the room experience with Escape Artists Dunedin.

Your team will quickly put their communication and cooperation skills to the test with our uniquely themed rooms complete with puzzles, clues and riddles which we have developed to promote optimum team contribution, highlight individual strengths and skills – and be so much fun your team will stop thinking about team building and simply work together as a team.

Escape rooms offer a series of puzzles, riddles and clues which you must solve in a fast-paced situation, to above all, “escape” the room. New Zealand has plenty of escape rooms on offer, however, we (in our opinion) offer the best experience in Dunedin!

With the capacity to accommodate up to 36 people in one location, we ensure that everyone can participate in the fun simultaneously. Book now for an extraordinary team-building experience!

Are you ready for the escape room challenge?

We’re already looking forward to you enjoying our escape rooms, in other words you should give us a try today.