We welcome you to meet the challenge of escape room games in Dunedin!

Returning to our home town roots, we are excited to welcome you to our escape rooms that we offer at Escape Artists Dunedin!

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From the Escape Artists team who brought you the challenge of puzzle rooms in Christchurch.. We now welcome you to our Dunedin escape rooms! The talented team at Escape Artists welcome you to come and experience their room games in Dunedin.

Find the new Escape Artists Dunedin premises just 50 metres from the centre of the Octagon at 36 Bath Street. We are right in the heart of Dunedin City. Escape room games are the perfect entertainment for puzzle lovers, gamers and would-be detectives of all ages.

Take on the escape room challenge in Dunedin with your school group, family, friends or workmates for the ultimate in team building activities. Enjoy the unique experience of being “trapped” in the individually themed rooms while trying to solve the puzzles. Can you escape in 60 minutes or less?

There are three puzzling escape room games and one large function room available in Dunedin. For more information or to make a booking please just get in touch.

The Mysterious Log Cabin

Imagine you’re backpacking somewhere in Central America and a Park Ranger leads you into a cabin room containing mysterious artefacts, curious curios and a scattering of puzzles to challenge your mind – not to mention your skills in cooperation! Your friendly park ranger will be on hand to provide clues when needed.. otherwise it’s all up to you. Can you escape the mysterious log cabin and gain your freedom?

Indiana Jungle

With a jungle-theme reminiscent of a certain handsome, cocky, and over-franchised archaeologist from 1980’s Hollywood fame. We challenge you to find the long lost idol before the bad guys get their grimy mits on it. Sink into the theme and be transported into mysterious surroundings, slap on your best smirk and your trusty, wide-brimmed fedora and go head-to-head with our newest escape room challenge.

FBI – Catch me if you can

There has been another robbery. The previous suspects were sent to Amberlink Prison but perhaps they were innocent all along? The FBI have a team of Agents to execute a search warrant at the suspects house. It has been rumoured there is an double agent working for the crims. Where are the robbers meeting after the robbery?


Who are the Dunedin Escape Artists?!

After such a success with Escape Artists in Christchurch, Dan Varcoe and his Wife Bekee have turned their attention back to their home town of Dunedin, to offer their unique, challenging and incredibly fun escape rooms.

Bekee is our evil genius puzzle-master (more genius – less evil), coming up with brain-scrambling challenges and offering our visitors many a surprise; while Dan matches Bekees’ challenges to age suitability, and conducts elaborate explorations of every antique store and op shop between Christchurch and Dunedin, collecting for boxes, trunks, trinkets, ambience-inducing smoke machines, multiple forms of lighting, quirky furniture, and strange props to make each uniquely themed escape room experience a work of art.

Sam – Sam is the Escape Artist Dunedin manager. Sam comes from a hospitality background and after playing as a customer he fell in love with the genius of the puzzle game experience. Just 6 months ago, he joined the team to manage our newer Dunedin branch.

Where Are We in Dunedin?

With a very large space offering huge growth potential, we are now open at 36 Bath Street, only 50 metres from the Octagon in a great central Dunedin location. Please contact us to book your escape the room challenge.

What does our escape room challenge cost?

Escape Artists Dunedin offers you a flat rate where you simply pay for how many people you bring! Our cost per person is just $22.00 including GST.

When Dan and Bekee sat down to work out the pricing for an an escape room session; they worked out what they themselves would want to pay for a night of great entertainment and a dinner out. Their estimation for a good value night out, was about $100 all up (approx. $40 for entertainment and $60 for food – sounds good right?), and that is why we offer such a great rate.

Similar escape room businesses often charge a flat rate for their rooms, split between however many people join in; which is not reasonably affordable for couples and small groups and more targeted to corporate groups. At Escape Artists Dunedin, we cater for all with one per person rate.

Build your problem solving and analytical skills with this hands-on interactive escape room games experience now in Dunedin. Check out our TripAdvisor and Facebook pages to find out what others think of this amazing experience. Or visit our online booking page to plan your escape room games in Dunedin today!