Team Building fun with escape rooms in Christchurch and Dunedin

a team building activity at escape artists

Escape Artists can make team building fun.

With an off-the-wall, out of the box, completely new challenge that above all has become one of the most fun things to do in New Zealand and has made team building far more enjoyable.

An enjoyable environment to work together.

We often have new themed rooms and puzzles, clues and riddles which are being constantly developed to provide an environment bringing out the best in your team and management staff. Companies can use a puzzle room experience to develop and highlight strengths and skills for the benefit of your business team.

The feedback we receive is fantastic.

In addition, as players and puzzle-lovers ourselves, we can’t emphasize enough the amazing rush of a puzzle room challenge solved. In conclusion we have had feedback from many well-known New Zealand companies who have accepted our escape room challenges. For instance, they tell us that it’s a powerful feeling of success when the goal is reached together, as a team.

Analyse Strengths

Who is best at what tasks?

Whether it's note taking, team leading, encouraging others, identifying puzzles, problem solving or visual understanding. In addition everyone can contribute in an escape room. Identifying early on what their strengths are can significantly alter the success rates.

Encourage Team Work

Let individual talents shine

Our Escape Rooms are designed in a way that discourages single thought processes. Often players will start a process, and require team mates to help refine and execute the final result. Similarly finding the balance between communicating and listening will be a skill to encourage.

Build Relationships

Often in a workplace people are good at discussing what they have in common, sometimes its just the job that is the mutual connection. In other words, participating in escape rooms brings a fun atmosphere and is great at getting to know each other. In conclusion individuals have different life experiences that will lead them to be faster or slower at solving puzzles than one another. This is a great conversation starter.

What People Say

Cyclone had sixteen of our staff split up over three rooms for an hour of fun at Escape Artists recently. It was an awesome team building environment
Cyclone Computer Co. LTD
New Zealand Couriers Dunedin had twenty five of our staff in last December. It was extremely fascinating to see differing personalities interact and complex problem solving skills come to the fore.
New Zealand Couriers | Dunedin
My husband and I completed The Enchanted Academy after doing 2 rooms at Escape Artists Dunedin earlier in the week. We loved all 3 Escape Artists rooms and would highly recommended the rooms. We have done over 40 rooms and these did not disappoint. Great themes and unique puzzles!
Inspires thinking outside the box and rewards clever ideas. Definitely worth a go with a few friends - I would recommend trying multiple rooms too as the experience is different in each one. Very rewarding new experience if you have a sense of adventure.
Definitly recommend this place! Best escape rooms in Christchurch! High quality rooms with great puzzles to solve! Gets the brain thinking!