Dunedin Team Building Games With An Escape Room Challenge!

For one of the most fun team building experiences that you can have.. Book an escape the room experience with Escape Artists Dunedin.

Your team will quickly put their communication and cooperation skills to the test with our uniquely themed rooms complete with puzzles, clues and riddles. All of which we have developed to promote optimum team contribution. It will also highlight individual strengths and skills. This will be so much fun your team will stop thinking about team building and simply work together as a team.

Escape Room Pricing

Each of our three rooms is suitable for a team of up to 6 people so we can accommodate up to 18 people per 75 mins.

The cost for your business, sports or educational group is kept simple with an easy flat rate. Simply pay for how many people you bring! Our cost is just $22.00 Including GST per person.

Why Host Your Team Building Event With Us?

Your team will be pushed to work together, utilising the perceptions and skills of all members to find and solve our puzzles, clues and riddles. They may be lost somewhere in Central America.. in The Mysterious Log Cabin that they must escape! With the occasional clue (if necessary) from your game-master – an equally mysterious local park ranger. Or they may be trapped in Indiana Jungle for a whip-cracking race to locate a lost idol.. before the baddies steal it and it’s lost forever.

Want to make your team building even more fun?

Dress up! There’s nothing more hilarious to loosen you up and feel like a team than by having everyone in costume. Getting into character in puzzle room that will transport you to another time and place. We put a whole lot of effort not only into our unique puzzles and riddles. But also work on each and every room to ensure a world-away experience with the ambient sounds and lighting. An eclectic mix of furniture await you; With props and knick-knacks to immerse you into a new and exciting experience. All while the clock is ticking…

Encourage individual skills and self confidence

Practice goal setting, time management and working under pressure

Build team relationships and mutual understanding between individuals

Analyse strengths and note areas of development potential

Encourage productive team unity and respect for others

Create shared memories for team bonding by utilising a fun learning environment that will be a challenge for all!

Function room available with bookings

At Escape Artists we believe that a lot of the fun of an Escape Room is talking about the experience afterwards.

We have a function room upstairs from the escape rooms that you can book and mingle with your team after your event. This space is great for people heading out to another activity or restaurant and would just like somewhere casual to hang out and have a drink before heading off.

To enquire about this space or your teams event please use the contact us form or give us a call.