Frequently Asked Questions

For a lot of people – escape rooms are a new experience. Below you can find some of our most frequently asked questions. If there are questions that you would like the answer to that isn’t covered below, please head to our contact us page and get in touch.

Our business isn’t really designed for large groups of kids. We will always require an adult in the room to help solve the puzzles for children 11 and under but still recommend an adult for children 12-15. If you are wanting to bring children in its just really important that they are courteous and well behaved. For health and safety reasons we can’t have children running around the premises or yelling and screaming. We try to ensure that any customers playing the games are given a quiet environment to escape in and while we absolutely understand the excitement an escape room can have we just ask that all teams can be respectful and quiet while around other customers in the reception room.

We have a minimum age of 11 for players not accompanied by adults. We require that children aged 11 and 12 have an adult in the room with them to assist. With children 12-14 we recommend having an adult either in the room or supervising with our game masters outside of the room. If you have more questions regarding this, or would like to see if your plan will work; you are more than welcome to give us a call and we can run through some options with you. Please also see the above question “Is this suitable for children”

No, this just adds to the story line. There is always an emergency exit and ‘quick exit’ button located at each of the doors. But sometimes the door is locked behind you until you want out.

No, if you book for two people it will be just the two of you to solve how to escape! Doing the room with strangers is more popular in the USA
There will be a way to communicate with you as you try to escape the room. These can provide you with hints on what you might have missed and help you along the way. We don’t have a time limit though, if you go over 60 minutes like a lot of teams do, you can just keep playing until you solve the game.
It’s best to turn up about 10 minutes before you booking time to allow for briefing and to get your team prepared!
The themes are not scary and no one will jump out at you. Depending on the room there might be a couple of surprises which are designed to add to the excitement. We are always happy to explain these to you and if you don’t want these elements just let us know.
Yes, we accept Cash/EFTPOS/Visa/Mastercard
If you need reading glasses we recommend bringing those.
No. We have zero tolerance for alcohol being drunk inside the rooms. We also cannot allow people who are intoxicated to be on the premises either.