Dunedin Escape Room Themes

The Mysterious Cabin

Suitable for 2-6 Players

60 Minutes

Once every 6 years when there is a full moon, a mysterious log cabin appears on a quiet landing in the woods. Rumour has it that people who walk into the cabin are never to be seen again. Can you solve the mysteries and release the souls that have been trapped in the cabin before you? Or will you join them lost in the cabin forever?

Catch me if you can

Suitable for 2-6 Players

60 Minutes

There has been another robbery. The previous suspects were sent to Amberlink Prison. Perhaps they were innocent all along? The FBI have a team of Agents to execute a search warrant at the suspects house. It has been rumoured there is an double agent working for the crims. Where are the robbers meeting after the robbery?

Indiana Jungle

Suitable for 2-6 Players

60 Minutes

After decades of scouring continents around the world, you have finally found the location rumoured to hold one of the most valuable artifacts known to man-kind. The only problem.. another group of people have overheard someone talking about your expedition at a tavern. Can your team find the artifact before they find it?

Dunedin Escape Room Pricing

Players Per Room

2-6 Adults
$22 Per Person

Children 11 & Under

Minimum 1 Adult Required
$16 Per Person

Players Per Booking

18 People or more
$20 Per Person