Christchurch Escape The Room Games!

Escape rooms one of the biggest worldwide trends and you can now experience an escape the room game for yourself, right here in Christchurch.

an escape room challenge for yourself, right here in Christchurch. After featuring on

Big Bang Theory, Conan Saturday Night Live, and several news stories around the country – there is a huge amount of excitement around this hands-on entertainment.

Get away from the computer screens, grab your corporate team, your family and friends, or just your sweetheart, and put your problem solving, logic, communication and teamwork skills to the test!

What Makes Escape Room The Most Fun Thing To Do In Christchurch?

Our escape room adventure, located on Bealey Ave, Christchurch, all takes place behind closed doors! It’s pretty secret stuff. The challenge itself is a mystery, and without giving too much away (no clues yet!) we will say that each of our current three challenge rooms have their own theme, clues and puzzles which you must solve to escape the room! Each room has it’s own carefully constructed ambience, with real props gathered “from the far corners of Canterbury” … to ensure a realistic, immersive team building experience. And the clock is ticking!

What Is An Escape Room?

  • It’s a room you must escape! The challenge is to work as a couple or as a team to solve the puzzles, and escape the room in the nick of time!
  • An escape room offers a series of puzzles, riddles and clues which you must solve in a fast-paced situation, to “escape” the room.
  • You choose which uniquely themed escape room you want to beat. For a description of our current escape rooms visit our Rooms page.
  • Christchurch Escape Artists currently have three uniquely themed escape rooms;The Mysterious Cabin, The Catch Me If You Can FBI room, and The Indiana Jungle, with a brand new fourth room coming soon!
  • Escape rooms are generally a one-experience challenge. As such we are always working on new room themes with new puzzles, new clues and fresh new challenges to give you a new experience each visit.
  • Skills utilised in the challenge include team work, communication, strategy, leadership, co-operation, delegation, planning, organising, and time management.
  • Escape rooms are a very effective team building exercise for corporate groups, providing a uniquely immersive and pressured situation for bringing out individual strengths and skills for the benefit of the team.

These are great for a group of friends wanting to have some fun together, or perfect for your next social club/team building exercises.

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Got More Questions About our Christchurch Room Escape Games?

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