Escape Room Tips | Communication

It’s important to remember everyone has good ideas at different times. We often see players with an idea, something on their mind and don’t share it with the group. This may be because they think they might be wrong.

Good ideas have to start somewhere! Being involved and communicating ideas to your team is a great place to start.
Actively listening to your team is also a valuable asset.
It’s a common occurrence that we will notice someone in the team repeating the correct answer; or, the correct concept multiple times. It can be a few moments before someone else takes on their comments and contributes to that aspect of the challenge.

The saying many hands make light work is a valuable strategy into escaping from the rooms effectively.

Another important aspect is communicating what tasks you have completed or ideas you have tried. Its not uncommon for someone to complete a puzzle and unlock the next step while keep their success secret from the rest of the team.
An important element of team building is sharing in each others individual and collective success. If you solve something on your own, share it with the group! Explain how you came to the logic that lead to being successful.
Letting all players be involved and participate isn’t something Escape Artists can control while players are in the rooms.. but its something we love to see happening.