Dare you unravel the mystery of an Escape Room?

Dare you enter the escape room game, unaware of what puzzles, clues and riddles await?

Take Up The Challenge. Enter An Escape Room. Choose Your Location.


Welcome to Escape Artists, we are cunning creators of clever contrivances to test your creativity, cleverness and communication. Curious?

With an established venue in Christchurch offering three unique puzzle rooms, we have now launched escape rooms in Dunedin, with two new rooms to test your skills in our ever-expanding evil cryptic empire (well, it's cryptic).

Now that we’ve caught your curiosity we would like to capture you, in a room, for 75 minutes. We double dare you to enter our meticulously created puzzle rooms with unique themes, props, lighting, funny hats, weird noises, the occasional smoke-machine ambience, and a whole setup of clues and escape room games and puzzles and cryptic thingamajigs to delight, surprise, and frustrate the heck out of you… quite possibly.

Our friendly staff will be on-hand to provide clues when needed.

  • Is your kids best friend his iPad or computer?
  • Did you stay awake during The Da Vinci Code?
  • Do your parents seriously need to get out more?
  • Would you like to make one heck of a first date impression?
  • Are you looking for an excuse to dress up like Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, Batman, Scooby-Doo, or Inspector Clouseau?
  • Does your business or sports group want to experience team building games with a difference?
  • Would it amuse you to see your team dressed up as the gang from Scooby-Doo?
  • Do you grind your teeth when someone else finishes the crossword?

Then an escape room challenge could be for you.

Give us a call on 0800 863 722 to book an escape room challenge today!

Someday, we don’t know when, and we like to talk it up, but maybe these problem solving skills will come in handy. Even if it’s just to drive people crazy.

Oh, and the first rule of escape club (not the pop rock band from 1983) is to not talk about escape club – tell your friends, shout it from the roof tops, just try not to give away any clues so the next victims team can enjoy the frustration, panic challenge and fun, themselves.